Massey Heavy Duty

  • Suitable for use in stone and root obstructed soil.
  • Suitable for light and medium soil conditions.
  • Used for loosening and aerating soil to a depth of 9 inches.
  • Prepares seed bed quickly and economically.
  • When one tyne strike a hidden object the other continue to work at the correct depth.
  • Spring loaded assemblies derive their strength from high carbon pairs.
DESCRIPTION Angle Frame Tube Frame
FRAME(mm) 50X50X10(mm) 50X50X05(mm)
TYNES(Inches) 0.75X25(Inches) 0.75X25(Inches)
SHOVELS 3 Hole 3 Hole
SPRING(mm) 9.2 WD, 48 OD, 27 Coils 9.2 WD, 48 OD, 27 Coils
LENGTH(Inches) 86(Inches) 86(Inches)
WIDTH(Inches) 27.75(Inches) 27.75(Inches)
HEIGHT(Inches) 20.5(Inches) 21(Inches)
WEIGHT(kg. Aprox.) 185 185
TRACTOR (HP) 50-55 50-55

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